June 2019 – May 2020 Lease Term

Prior to applying please email or call our office to verify the property you are applying for is available or if you have any other questions. We will not refund application fees.

How to Apply for One of Our Properties:

If you would like to lease one of our properties the first step is to view the property with a representative from AAA Properties.

If you decide to apply for a property everyone in your group will need to submit the following:

  • Application (done online)*
  • Applicant ID
  • Guarantee of Lease Agreement (completed by your guarantor [co-signer])**
  • Guarantor’s ID
  • $25 Application Fee. Paid online with a card when completing your application or in person with cash or check.

*Search our properties on our website, https://www.aaapropertieschico.com/listings/ , and navigate to the property you want to apply for and click Apply Now to begin the Application. Be prepared to attach your ID, the Guarantee of Lease Agreement, and your guarantor’s ID when prompted. Also, be prepared to pay the Application Fee. Submission of all 5 listed items constitutes a complete application.

**To determine whether or not you need to have a guarantor please read Qualifications for Rental Housing found on our website. https://www.aaapropertieschico.com/rental-qualifications/ If you do not meet all 3 qualifications a guarantor is required. If you’re applying with a group each individual who doesn’t qualify will need their own guarantor. If you do not need a guarantor do not submit the Guarantee of Lease Agreement.

Processing and Approval of Applications:

We will only process complete applications. If you’re applying with a group your group’s applications will not be processed until a complete application is received from every member of the group. Once we’ve processed your application(s) we will notify you whether or not you’ve been approved or disapproved. If multiple parties are interested in a particular property a cutoff date for applying for the property will be set and all applications will need to be submitted by that date. The applications will then be reviewed and the first qualified applicant or group of applicants will be given the first opportunity to secure the property.

Securing the Rental Property and Signing of the Lease:

In order to secure the property you must make an appointment to sign the lease at our office and pay the security deposit at the time of the signing. The security deposit must be paid in one payment and in one form of payment; even if you’re in a group we will only accept one check, one electronic check through our online payment system, one cashier’s check, or
all cash. You have 3 days after being notified by our office that you’ve been approved to sign the lease and pay the security deposit. After 3 days has expired the property will be available to other qualified applicants to lease.